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Эдриан Белью Эдриан БельюАмериканский гитарист и вокалист

Peace On Earth

The day is blue, there's nothing to do

but watch the sad review of life going by...

All the broken people in a world of hurt

and all the hungry people crying in the dirt

all the living people dying to be free

from all the suffering in between

I turn my eyes away from it all

but still a wall of pain resides in me

turn on the news, the killing continues

and there but for the grace of God go I

All the worried people hiding in their cages

and all the homeless people lying on the pavement

all the desperate people clinging to their greed

while all the lonely people close their eyes to dream...

We're living in a world of hurt

living in a world of hurt

all the angry people fighting in the streets

while all the children pray

for peace on earth

Эдриан Белью

Peace On Earth / Эдриан Белью

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