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Mother Of Creation

My man don't need nobody

He's got me and that's my body yeah

He calls to me I make him scream

I make him cry for me

My man don't want nobody

He wants me and all my body yeah

I make him fly

I give him butterflies

Until the day I die

Don't need no atome bomb 'cause i'm naked

Bring it all on, I can take it

All your machine guns is just wasted time

I've already exploded lovin' him

Generations are my creation

And every child of every nation

Is walking the light of my love

I'm loaded with the blood of the earth

I'm gifted with the power of birth

So give me what I'm worth

My man don't love nobody

He loves me my mind and body yeah

He comes to me, he asks for peace

He says deliver me

I'm the atome bomb

I'm the machine gun

The mother of creation

I give you heaven you give your love to me


Mother Of Creation /

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