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Shoe Salesman

Every now and then

you find someone you really like,

but sometimes in the end

they may not fit you right

My baby's in love with a shoe salesman

the man who works down the block

yes, she's in love for the first time, again

he's got her heart tied up in a knot

With all his talk about the price he can give

he's got her sold on the life they could live

just like the slippers in the window there

he says they make such a cozy pair

My baby's in love with a shoe salesman

it makes me feel like a sock full of holes

it all began when she window-shopped

an' pretty soon he was holding her sole

Now she's in love with that man down the street

and he's in love with her feet

I try to think everything is alright,

but who's gonna keep my feet warm at night

Oh, I love her even though

she's made a heel out of me

My baby's in love with a shoe salesman

now I don't fit her, no, I don't fit her

now I don't fit her anymore

Эдриан Белью

Shoe Salesman / Эдриан Белью

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