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Can I see the shoes lined up in the distance?

Can I feel exhaustion fade my existence?

Walls approach faster on all sides,

I'm bound to a chair and in my sight...

Let the menace that's my mind.

I feel the life I've left behind.

...Slow death encounters me from a distance.

A chance for fate to let me be...

-- CHORUS --

Constant ringing...


Hallways ending, a new beginning.

Land on you feet, should you fall...

you'll bounce on solid ground

land on your feet should you fall you land on solid ground

And should you fall,

Expose you're high.

And should you fall, and skin your pride.


If you could see the things I see...

You might accept the kind of me

Inside this prism, light don't bend

The tragedies of life don't end.



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