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The Beginning

Creation ...

Stearing towards fire

But hell sent something

That followed forever

The shepherd of flames

Nailed upon the the birth of men

Cursing the pity day

When he rocked her cradle

And the outcome was seen such as angels

Considered devils by heart

And with fear, when the misfortuned serpent

Could fool them more then their god

Emptiness ground in his soul

He who killed his own son to regain

The control of that, given free will

Devil's own virtue to bother god's vain

Creation ... but what hell sent follows forever

So the almighty saved his own skin with consent

And the most unpure sin coalesced with man's will

Building herslef, in the depths of gehenna

the stake raised to punish virginity's guilt

Banished, united and vicorious

We direct our steps towards the path of the unknown ...

The Beginning /

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