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When The Rains Come

"Anger be now your song, immortal one."

And reign down upon the land singing your dulcet tones.

Shelter, proves no help for the weak.

As they crumble and die at the hands of the one called Savior.

Shattered remains of a life once held so dear.

A child lay torn on the Earth, crying her acid tears.

Ruins...a mighty city in flames,

A rain from above pierces the clouds, and covers the burning remains.

In life, time heals the wounds of battle.

For the rains cleansed the world...purified the land.

Hope is not lost,

Why can't you see?

We snatched away life

From the hands of defeat

I ask why have you defied me?

Peeling away,

The layers of death

Hate is the cold

That you feel in my breath.

And so...I live again

When The Rains Come /

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