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Like that become, when darkness is upon you

After blessings heard in fading breaths

And sink below summer's bereaving carpet

To eternal perverse death

Lightning from the newborn eyes

the air is filled with flies

Feasting on flesh's disgrace

Circling as the infant's rightful crown

Kiss the ashes, kiss the spiritless

In praise to all the foul and hated creatures of this world

Kiss the sky goodbye

Light will cheer with absence for the newborn lord of flies


Darkwinged creation

Come forth from the shadows

Revel your lust for vengeance

Revel your endless hate

With you we'll rule the earth

Rule their dreams

Rule to breed

What famine feeds

Spread our wings

Spread disease

Live to let

Our pest unleash

With you we'll rule the earth

Reveal our might, infect the soil

Darken the hope op salvation in sight

We have arrived to end your lives

Kindred cadaver dine

So your wings mat hold out this flight

Swarm over the glory and grace

Covered in filth and blood

As icons of reeking disgust solemn rewarded by god

the horror strikes fast in their hearts and still,

Life never last foerever

Even angels from the sky to face us who never die

But the gates have already been entered

And the black in our souls

Will forever be ...

When the black sun once more rises

When only darkness lives


With you we'll rule the earth

Nightspawn /

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