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Dream The Day Away

Away, away from here

Beyond the reaches of the dying sun

A final wish remains unanswered

And countless fingers cling to reason.

I'm still unsure of where I've landed

After my great fall

Through the mist I read your eyes

They can't conceal the hatred inside.

What atrocity did I commit to destroy your faith in me?

I try to dream the day away, but it doesn't help me.

Remember when we stood together

And gazed into the endless sea

Those are the days I'd like to live again.

One day you will find sadness in your life

I tried to tell you why, don't you remember?

You've wasted all this time, searching for a sign

The reason you must try to remember.

In my life, I can recall

A great rise, and even greater fall

I've seen it all.

I now see I must roll with the tide.

Think back only to realize

I am alone...always alone...to die alone.

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