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Sticks And Stones

I don't wanna be me

anymore than I have to be

cuz I've got too much pride

in my false Identity

I can't look in the mirror

too scared of what's staring back at me


Sticks and stones might break my bones

but I'll never live tomorrow all alone

my hope is gone and my hate has grown

but I'm not crying over sticks and stones

cross my eyes so I seemed distracted

and I'll think happy thoughts for awhile

drown my ears in silence

I'll just live this lie and fake a smile

I'm a friend of a friend but no one cares about that

I flexed my name and it got me nothing

for each day that goes by

I dunno which one's gonna be my last

you know I prayed to God but he gave me nothing


someday I'll find the sun

I'll see that light and it will make me strong

till then I'll be no one

at least that way I'll belong


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