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Why Do You Want Him

"Why do you want Him?"

by Green Day

from the "Slappy" e.p.

(and the "1,039/Smoothed out Slappy Hours" CD)

(c) 1990

I saw you standing alone

with a sad look on your face

You call him on the phone

Looks like he left you without a trace

Tears falling out of your eyes

He's living in a disquise

Bridge: You've been feeling bad for so long

You wonder if it's right or wrong

Chorus: Why do you want Him?

Why do you want Him?

Now many days have gone by

And you still just sit there & cry

You're feeling bad for yourself

His memory will always dwell

You're so obsessed with his love

That's why push came to shove


(Chorus to end)


Why Do You Want Him / GREEN DAY

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