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What The World is Waitnig For

Here comes the wise man
And there goes the fool
Can you see the burned out world that he is living in
I don't need to look for the rules

Here comes the donkey
Chained ten ton plough
He'll never make that hill in a million years
Whip crack, beat him down

He loves his brother he'd sell him for a fistful of gold
But he needs a slave for his vision of the promised land
No I don't believe a word
Take me any way the wind blows
You'll never know just what you want to do
Or where you wanna go I think it's time
That you found what the world is waiting for
I think it's time to get real

Repeat (here comes..)

Anytime you want it, then it's there
All you gotta do is stop me
On the corner and ask
Say hey, you don't live today
Stop the world
Stop the world
I'm getting off
I'm getting off
Can't get enough
I'm getting off

Stone Roses

What The World is Waitnig For / Stone Roses

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