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Young Lions

This song is translated from the Russian lyrics)

When the city falls into dark,

When the wind blows from the Neva River

Catherine stands by the window

Watching as the young lions go by

They don't know what "Winter" means

They are dancing

They are free from our losses

And they do not know what to do with themselves right now

And they will enter when Catherine opens the door

And what do young lions want?

What do young lions want?

When the world's getting ready to fall at their feet

And they've got nothing to do right now

But I won't say a word to them

I won't accept the challenge

Because it's not a battle

Everything that we've done

We still remain bright

And everything that was mine

Will still go to somebody else

So, such is the taste of our victories

Such is the green of our grass

Catherine still stands by the window

And down there the young lions are still marching...

Young lions

Young lions

Young lions


Young Lions /

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