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Rock Me

Sweet little baby

You don't have to go

Little baby

Tell me you won't go

We'd be so good together if we had the time

Bein' alone's a nowhere state of mind

Lovin' ain't no crime, oh no

I see your man ain't here

He don't care

The way of the night has gone

We'll move on

Got to find a way

To face another day

I search the world

For someone I'll never find

Someone who ain't

The hurtin' kind

If you stay the night

We'll make the wrong seem right

So come on now

Rock me

Rock me

Pull me throught the night

We'll burn in love tonight

Sweet little baby

Oh don't you go

You ain't so innocent, I know

I know your heart's like mine, oh yeah

And I will find the time

To make you mine

And if your love goes bad

If it makes you sad

I'll be back for more

At your door

Before the mornin' light

We'll burn with love tonight

And when your man don't care

I will be there

Still be lovin' real good love

There is no wrong or right

We'll burn with love

Great White

Rock Me / Great White

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