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No Way

I get up in the morning, just to work all day.

I never had no vacation, and what's a holiday?

I'm tired of workin' 9 to 5. Sombody give me a break.

Caught up in this rat race, I've got no time to waste.

I want out (you can't make it)

I want out (no way)

I want out (so don't mistake it)

It's all that you've got and your not gonna leave it, no way.

There's no way.

Maybe I'll buy me a new car.

Maybe I'll hop on a plane.

Get off in some foreign station,

Somwhere that don't look the same.

You're stuck in a rut. No, no, you can't give it up.

There's no way.

Great White

No Way / Great White

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