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 Great White Great WhiteАмериканская рок-группа

Lovin Kind

(Lardie, Niven)

Lit a candle and I

Set it on the wall

Let the wax like teardrops fall

And then I wonder why

I used to dream on baby

Dream that we could have it all

I see now love for you

Was what you had to do

You change your mind

Like you change your dress

I thought I knew you everyway

Saw the child, the woman plain as day

I thought I knew myself

But now I come to find

Love is blind and I'm the lovin' kind

Bought a diamond and I

Set it on your hand

Introduced you to the band

And now I hear them say

You've been a bad girl baby

You don't seem to understand

Just for the social whirl

You play the party girl

Now you drink your wine

Oh baby time to forget

You made a game of love

What were you thinkin' of

It takes a heartbeat baby

To say goodbye

Great White

Lovin Kind / Great White

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