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Lil Mama

(music: Lardie, Russell, Kendall, Spitz / lyrics: Russell)

Twenty minutes left 'til midnight, I'm starin' at the door,

I swore this time I wouldn't wait no more

Everytime she leaves me hangin', I suffer and I bleed,

but when she gives me lovin', she gimme all I need;

and she knows I want her more than I can bear.

Hey, Little Mama, won'cha come along with me,

I got that mood for loving and I need some company.

Hey, little sister why don'cha come along,

It feels so good, I know it can't be wrong.

Hey hey, Little Mama

Well, I got no paid vacation and I got no limousine,

ain't got no star on Hollywood or my picture in a magazine.

But I've more than I can handle, and she's more than I can spend,

so here I am waitin' 'round again;

and she knows I need her more than I can stand.

Right here in your lovin' arms, I wish that I could stay;

endless nights of ecstasy ride my blues away.

Darlin' can't believe that I'm starin' at this door,

I swore last time I wouldn't wait no more.

Great White

Lil Mama / Great White

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