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I Want You

(Kendall, Lardie, Niven, Russell)

I don't want the rap that yer layin'

Don't give me no abuse

I don't want no motormouth jivin'

Another lame excuse

I don't want my head to keep sayin'

Oh baby what's the use

I don't want no patter, no way

I want you

I don't want no mommasan preyin'

To strip me to the bone

I don't want no hustle today

Leave my vibe alone

I don't want to worry 'bout nothin'

There's nothin' I must own

I don't want to deal that way

I want you

I love lovin'

Oh yeah, lovin' is fine

Why no love

Why waste your time

Gotta give it someway

Can ya hold out alone

Ooo just a little lovin'

It's alright let it go

I don't want another dog makin'

Another big pretense

I don't wanna be brought down

On a capital offense

I don't want no pressure drop baby

Don't make it so intense

I don't want no promise, no way

I want you

It's only lovin' baby

Get it back down the road

Yes it comes back

Like a magic motherload

Make a lovin' man

Make him know it's alright

Ooo, that givin' love

Gonna get us thru the night

I don't want the song you keep playin'

All lovers are insane

I don't want my heart to be breakin'

I want you

I don't want the trouble of lovin'

And here it comes again

I don't want the game you like playin'

I want you

Great White

I Want You / Great White

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