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Heart The Hunter

had a woman, gave her all of my lovin'

Gave her all that I had

Kinda' woman she could make you believe her

Nothing's gonna go bad

Took awhile, and all the hurtin'

Since she left and went away

Behind her smile though I can't be certain

But I thought I heard her say

My heart's a hunter

And love is a loser's game

My heart's a hunter

And love is a loser's game

Little baby I won't give ya no heartaches

I won't give ya no pain

Sweet little darlin' can't ya see what is comin'

Cause ya know me by name

Used to be when I was a child

I thought lovin' should be free

And it's so hard to be reconciled

That ain't the way it oughta be

It's only lovin' when she's gone and she's left ya

It goes to show it's always something

That I felt when I met ya

It comes and it goes

I ride alone tonight

So bittersweet

I took a chance

I tried to love her

Someone whispered her name


Great White

Heart The Hunter / Great White

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