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Anyway I Can

(music: Kendall, Russell, Lardie, Desbrow, Cook /

lyrics: Russell)

I took a look around, it's time to shake this town;

it's bringin' me so down, hey, yeah, I'm on my way;

So tired of people's greed and how they make you bleed,

when they got all they need but tell me, "Boy, you gonna pay."

Cuttin' loose, slippin' from the noose;

loud and proud, dancin' on a cloud.

If there ever was a time, that time is now.

Gonna do it, anyway I can;

gonna make it or break it, anyway I can,

gonna take it, anyway I can;

It's my life in my hand, I hope ya understand.

A friend told me today, if it keeps on this way,

he's gonna make a play, and do the Big Goodbye.

Seems everywhere I look, the takin's all been took,

and then someone writes a book tellin' me

it's gonna be alright.

So naive, I really can't conceive,

how people lie, just waitin' 'round to die,

lookin' up for answers from the sky.

Gonna do it.

Great White

Anyway I Can / Great White

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