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The Endless Tragedy

Scintillating Sun rises over

a Terrible Splanding Rich Tumult of Paints

A Fantastic Scerco, a furious Dance of Despair

into Dazzling Protuberance

Poisonous Sphere of Useless Being

grinding Clambering Mind with Cynicism

Pungent Wash of Venous pus

crawls in Deafening Peals

of Hysterical Loud Laughter...

Powerful Pulsation of Universal Orgasm

under a Mad Allegro of Unimaginable Agony

A monstrous Pain of Dissolving

Naturalness in Blossoming Scabs of Leprosy

A Crystal Platform of Doomed Mind

cracking and disintegrating to Bits into Nowhere

And Absurd Restoration of Rotting Modification

a Diamond necklace on Blackened verdure!..

Suffocation Helplessness tears away

a Sticky Rubber from inflames Face

Thin Needles driven into Eyes

and drive a Glance through Cracking Eyelids

back in Clot of Abscessed Neurones...

The Endless Tragedy /

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