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Walking time-bomb

Living sin

Monument of lies

Raised within

You know that i'm the only one

Who could save you from yourself

The swing of the axe shines white

Now taste the cut

I'll burn the pain

Right out of your soul

I'm in your veins now

And i'm in control

I am Strychnine

I'll save you from a life in shackles

My white heat burns your eye

I am Strychnine

I am Strychnine

Crowned in blinding light

As your souls is torned apart

A hollow shell in shock

I'm like razors trough your heart

I'm the only one

So lose yourself in me

Have no fear, your souls will be mine

For all eternity

Walking time-bomb

Living sin

Mounment of lies

Raised within

Strychnine /

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