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All Choked Up


Well..I...feel so strange.

Well upon my word....

Now my brain is reelin and my ey-y-y- sights blurred

Well, I'm tremblin' alot.

I'm nervous and I'm hot

Uh-huh, I'm all choked up.

Well there's a fire alarm wailin' in my head

And my cirriculation cries condition red

I'm in a cold sweat, my t-shirt's all wet

Uh-huh, I'm all choked up

Oh, baby-baby-baby, take my heart, before it breaks.

My knees are weak,and my back bone aches,

My hands are colder than ice, my throat is locked in a vice,

Come on and change my pain to pa-r-a-dise.

Well there's a fever key runnin' through my skin

Don't you hear me knockin', won't ya let me in,

You know I'm your fool, So dont you be cruel,

Uh-huh, I'm all choked Up.

Girls: Now listen here:


So you're standin round in a dizzy spell,

It's a situation I know prettty well,

Well, I been there too, So I feel for you.

Uh-huh, I'm all choked up

Girls: And further more:


So you're down and out, and you're against the wall,

And you say that I'm the one that did it all,

I'm sure you're sincere, It gets me right here,

Uh-huh, I'm all choked up.

Oh baby, take my heart and don't complain,

My poor heart just can't stand the strain,

I can cure your disease, Come on and say pretty please,

Take your medicine down on your knees.


I got a fever: a hundred-four fahrenheit,

I need your lovin', can i come over tonight?

Feelin' low down, my equilibrium's shot,

Give me, the tranquilizer you got.

Well baby take my ring, cuz you're my match.


Well, I still think there's strings attached,


You're writin' my epitaph,


Well, that's just tough and a half.


You're gonna make me die,


Don't make me laugh.

Danny and Sandy:

Well, I'll forgive for what you put me through,

Cuz I do believe you really love me too.

I look in your eyes, the sufferin dies,

Uh-huh, I'm all choked up.

Everyone(guys, girls, Sandy, Danny):

Uh-Hey, hey, hey, hey.

D & S: I'm all choked up

Uh hey, hey, hey, hey.

D & S: I'm all choked up------------.

Guys and girls behind D & S: A hum shoobie doo wop,

A hum shoobie doo wop, A hum shoobie doo wop.

Everyone: A-hum...YEAH

All Choked Up /

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