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Get down on all fours, open your back door

Don't it feel so goood with a lady and a doood

Boy get in the center, she'll take off your sweater

I'll take down your panties, dress you all in leather

I had a fantasy since I was nine

'Bout blowin' loads in a butt while loads are blown in mine

Don't blame me for bein' sick for dick

Sometimes it's titties that I wanna lick

I'm such a slut I've tried everything

I've choked down six dix while eatin' Burger King

That ain't shit compared to what I've done

Once jacked off in a hot dog bun

So I got a idea, little boys listen here

Me and Hunx on you like cheese on a quesadilla

We're almost late for a 12:30 luncheon

It's your ass that we'll be munchin'

Kidnap your ass like you're Patty Hearst

Damn my dick is about to burst

Boy I know that your homework is due

But me and Chunx hella wanna screw


Two cocks one poosy, all three pretty juicy

More fire in my crotch than Danny Bonadoocy

Your mama looks like Tina Yothers

But I'ma eat you up like Sally Struthers

We'll take turns givin' ya head

You'll be the baloney in our Wonderbread

Stick your dick up in my coochie

I never thought I'd feel so bougie

I'll shove my nipples into your eyes

While Hunx hits your ass with a birthday surprise

I'm hungry, I'm randy and I just can't wait

I'm fishin' for sluts and usin' Chunx as bait

Playin' this game me and you together

Dress him all up like a daddy of leather

Pass the lube, the lettuce and the sour cream

It's time for a DOUBLE DECKER SUPREME!!!!

Oooh this dick tastes like shit



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