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 Graveworm Gravewormрок-группа


A bloodred darkened sky

This day hereafter dies

Falls swiftly into deepest night

And stay within the evil sight

Evil thunder breaks the night

Breathless silence might

Sacrifices human kind

Envoke malicious of her mind

From the ashes of the graveyard

Sacrament and pain

Lamentous screams of tortured souls

Temptation of their gods

Hungry for essence of life

Sorrow and weeping words

Step by step the daylight leaves

Hallowed shadows of fear

Shall wither in her raven arms

Shall perish in embrace

Her love, her tears - the evil side

Shall vanish for her thirst of blood

Shall shrivel for delight

Her love, her tear - the evil side

Among the tomb of stone

Frozen hand of death

Where hungry lovers wait

Carry may soul to bed

Descent the path of fear

No birds in death trees

Where the mistress of life

Redeem me from my sin

Blessed by their beauty

Mysterious sign

Candles flickers through the hell

Wolves howl by her side

I rise before the queen

In evil feathured dress

When she locks through my eyes

Vanish my sin of life


Abhorrence / Graveworm

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