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Behind The Curtain Of Darkness

thy dying light

Howling screams I hear

Through forest dusk , the autumn shade

Different shades of dark

With hate embracing melancholy

Thy kingdom of the throne

As gardens die and heavens shake

Open scarlet sky

Burning candles

Like bleeding eyes of wrath

Though mirrors of freedom

I?m starring deep within

In times of war and dragons lore

And monuments of stone

The reflections of deepest blackness

Prevail the holy faith

Awaken from shadows

Lying behind the light

Wings of twilight

Falling rain on earth

This mournful sound of darkness

Capturing my sin

Within the hearth of harmony

A new beginning dawn

Awaken from eternal sleep - Mistress of the dark

With claws of darkness angels

Shred the bloodred sin

The secret of the ancient dark

Behind the queen of night

Dying echos on their ground

Screaming souls in fear

Forgotten tales of sorrow

Of feeble mortals life

Whispers of creatures

Flying with the winds

Coldest claws of evil

Searching for my soul

Within the voids of endless grieve

The angels of the death

Behind the curtain of darkness

Still waiting for a soul

Awaken from eternal sleep - Mistress of the dark


Behind The Curtain Of Darkness / Graveworm

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