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 Graveland GravelandПольская группа, играющая в стиле блэк

Carpathian Wolves

Following The Voice Of Blood In my bloody hands I sway the flag of my

Folk, my blood bubbles with rage and hatred.I know who I am and I know

my destiny, I know who is my brother and who is my enemy, today is a

good day to die... Shed blood cools on the battlefield, blood of my

ancestors. They knew that their acts were proper and good, they died

defending their lands and towns. They were not afraid of death or

pain, but they were afraid that someone could name them cowards. Gods

were pleased with their victories, took their sacrifices and protected

them and showed the mysterious paths of life and death, destiny and

victory. My ancestors walked these paths with pride and courage

marking them by the blood. In my bloody hands I sway the flag of my

Folk and walk the way of my ancestors, the paths of their brave

acts... the paths that are forgotten today by many asleep people by

fallacious realm of happiness and peace. Their hearts are poisoned by

poison of judeo-christian pseudo values. If they do not wake up their

Folk will die. The enemies of my Folk will have to die. Their blood

will be shed on my hands... Gods will take the sacrifice. The time of

fight is coming. The time when one will have to shed his blood during

the battle. When this day comes, as in the past, the fiery chariots

will come across the lands carrying death and destruction. Let the

horns and drums rouse us to fight, soon the flocks of black crows will

eat the dead bodies of our foes.

We dedicate this album to all the people who still walk the true ways

of our ancestors, who are faithful to laws and customs of the Folk,

who are not afraid of standing at confines of the freedom of culture

and belief, who stand against tremadous power of our enemies, who want

to destroy our will to fight an


Carpathian Wolves / Graveland

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