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 Graveland GravelandПольская группа, играющая в стиле блэк

For Pagan And Heretics Blood

They came from the south

in the sunshine

covered by black hoods

with the crosses in their hands

false sons of false god

They arose their black temples

burned forest and woods

placed the black crosses

and predered to worship dead

laying claim to rule sons

of laying claim to rule god

They drank his blood

they ate his flesh

scolfed at the right of nature

and raped the eternal right

sure of themselves sons

of the sure himself god

Possessed with crosses in hands

possessed with flabeau over the pyres

How much blood they have spilled

How much souls they have tormented

they burned the witches

murdered the Pagans

banished the honest spirits

choped the holy trees

condemned to madness sons

by their god usurper.


For Pagan And Heretics Blood / Graveland

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