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 Graveland GravelandПольская группа, играющая в стиле блэк

Tyrants Of Cruelty

Death has sent it's angels

Heralds of war pain and fear

In sunlight or darkness of night

Sinister tyrants of cruelty

On their black horses travel all over the world

Scepters of fear and banners of chaos

And cry of the beast breaking the empty space

When fright and terror start to rule

Demons of war, tyrants of cruelty

Cry through abyss

Bad day for those who heard this cry

Shadow in valleys

Rumble and roll and wild laugh of horses

Soon thirsty they will drink from rivers of blood

In flames of fire and bloody glow

Among dead corpses in deadly fight

Damned day when thousand swords

With rumble will sing their song of death

In blood and corpses of the enemy

Cruel triumph and gloomy fame

March of victory tyrants

Lords of war with ghostly laugh

Will reward the bravest warriors

Because where death rules

And angles of death

Only few will survive

Damned day, gloomy day

When rage of beast of fear as gray shadow

Falls on your lands talking to you

As magic call pulls you

Where many have gone

But no one returned alive

In fire of battle, in the ravages of war

Cruel lords' wild laugh

On hatred fields in tumult of battle

In trap of mighty and cruel gloomy will

The wind will steal our names

Damned day when crow on the sky

Flutter it's black wings

Where war track leads

We will go following destiny

For eternal struggle, leading by voice of mighty will

Where wind will mix our names with ashes


Tyrants Of Cruelty / Graveland

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