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 Graveland GravelandПольская группа, играющая в стиле блэк

The Four Wings of the Sun

In the shield of the Sun is the power

The light of the Aryan knowledge

The four wings of the sun

The hope of spirits, and the strength of will

As proud ancient Gods stand by his side

Wotan raises his shield to protect me from the shine

Women and children

Old warriors

Stone statues

Cold eyes and bright eyes

The four wings of the sun

Feed my pride and will

Their shade that falls on the Earth

Paves the way of my dreams

The paths that I walk upon

Lead me through the darkness

There where my fate is; the warriors old faith

The earth hides the truth of past centuries within herself

I feel her breath and strength

Within her the spirits lay, which call upon us to fulfill our duty

The battle for souls will soon come to be

Runes will speak in ancient tongue

The Runes which wrote my path of life

The Gods look upon me, form their Golden thrones

Above their heads a bright symbol shines

The four wings of the Sun

The ancient Aryan sign

Wotan rises his shield

To protect me from the shine


The Four Wings of the Sun / Graveland

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