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 Graveland GravelandПольская группа, играющая в стиле блэк

Call Of The Black Forest

No more reign of crosses

with hanging corpses of god's son

Enough damned bells

of false asshole's temples

I raise the ancient gods

I summon the honest spirits

I revive the ancient magic

I draw the might from the moonshine

I keep the holy fire

All for the everlasting revange

All for the honest masters

Lords of the black forest

Rulers of Night and Darkness

Gods of the ancient (aryan) Europe

Pagan winds of distant North

The might of unholy Norvay's forest

is in you

Cold gloom and power

True Evil and good

Give us what are we waiting for the


And soon the Cromleches

will be full of christian blood!

We will kill in the moonshine

We will become the killers,

shadows of each christian

Their temples will be covered by blood

We will destroy their altars

We will turs into ashes their graves

For burned witches

For lost beliefe and might

For Pagan and Heretic's blood

For trees and forest of killed Druids

For our lost gods...


Call Of The Black Forest / Graveland

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