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Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

(So for all y'all niggaz out there that be puffin' shit

when the music go on, y'all listen to this alright?)


Let's get it on ock, N' watch the spot get blown

I be the sick lunatic with the devilish poem

From the mists of the darkness, I come with this

Hittin' straight to the chest, like a Primatene mist

Rzarector, yah! The fanatical type

I'm like a bat in the night, when it's time to take flight

Here I am, in the flesh, N' yes I love sess

I'm obsessed by the sounds, the track posess

Intellectual killa, special majestical

Ropin' up the devils, have 'em hangin' from my testicles

Nowhere to run to, baby

There's nowhere to hide

(Grym Reaper)

Ahh... fuck it!

Another day, another ducat

From here to Nantucket MC's kick the bucket

I'm rugged ruff flow-in' up till I bust

While other rappers is flatter than a white girl's butt

I manifest my name N' the reason I came in the first place

Word, shake your brain like an earthquake

A lot of people admit that I am raw

I cover my ass like a V-I-M store

My forms are real wicked like Dahmer

A whole mob of a lot of niggaz is like a meal ticket

It's nowhere to run to, baby

It's nowhere to hide



As a child, a bad seed was on the prowl

Runnin' mad wild, cuz death was my style

The crazy, maniac, yo lunatic

I circle like a shark when the fresh blood drips

Needles to the pen now you're in

I eat 'em then I feed 'em, chop chop rippin' sheets from your skin

Terror is in, with the RZA N' the Grym

Problem one now begins, hah!

Streak up your skull to the sides of a freedom

Record to the meter, so tell me who could be


Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide / Gravediggaz

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