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Here Comes the Gravediggaz


You gotta keep saying it

Say Gravediggaz Gravediggaz

come on say it with me come on

Gravediggaz come on

Gravy yeah uh huh


You don't pull on Superman's cape

You don't spit into the wind

You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger

and you can't fuck with me and my men so check it out

Chorus: Ryzarector

Yah Here come the Gravediggaz repeat 3X

(Pray for your mommy)

Verse One: Grymreaper

Boom bit competition ain't shit

Fakin the funk like silicon tits

Left on a level of a skill

or jack the imposer like the Buffalo Bills

They come close but can't win

or do a damn thang, huh

I'm merciless like Maine

As I get the wreck off

I navigate a course like Czechov

Soft MCs you better step off

Will a villain ever learn

I'm killin like a mad germ

I burn MCs like a bad perm

Do not turn

'Cause I got you on my infrared

Once I dead

I pop 'em like a pimple's head

I get up and get down like I was gravity

Cause pains like cavity

Thick like a salary

Flow with little or no skills I kill 'em

My shoes are illa makin a mountain out of a molehill


Or your ass'll be tooken fast

Crossed in the style like Alice in the lookin glass

You wanna see the Grym get raw

Ay-yo I bust your whole shits in your

Verse Two:

My style's gravy, rough and real

Raise up the rugged on my Gravedigga shield

That's how I deal with the fake frauds

I flow hard

Yo hearthrobs'll get robbed

I come with the wicked one stompin tons

I mud other crap as I wreck your town

Cock my bore to hell

as we dwell

to a ludicrous lunar eclipse

no to exit

I radiate gamma rays at random

I slam 'em

Yo, quick fast like the phantom

Guard my gate

with a passed down cape

You wanna escape

And now ain't no one safe

Check it

as I hit you with a boom from the trigga


Verse Three: Rzarector

I learned to burn rap germs like antiseptics

Dem while eats, I piece a music living epic

Words like proverbs

Blended braided so on like a storm or song of king David

Potentially vital, only as the bible

Camel eyes used to worship the false idols

New form of literature, dance to the fiddler

Don't mean to riddle you God

I'm not The Riddler

On super the moon, no, wait for high noon

I'm the other space Doom I be entombed

I don't squawk like a hawk or stalk like a stork

But walk in New York, stay away from pork

Rhymes are by passion

Don't need the hassle

Swingin everything cause I'm king of the castle

Niggas gettin boggled, it scream and squabble

Gravediggaz got the paperback novel

So line by line you should read

Take heed

Or you'll bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed

Chorus: repeat 2X

Pray for your mommy -- 4X

Chorus to fade


Here Comes the Gravediggaz / Gravediggaz

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