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Dangerous Mindz

Verse One: Too Poetic/Grym reaper

Yo hah yo rahh yo yo

Yo yo yo...

Yo I got stress on my brain that causes chest pains

inside the best frames ghetto blood clots is scored by slug shots

and drug spots will leave you too pour to move out

or get a new house it's like livin in a war walkin through shootouts

And you doubt God exists when hard fists

be poundin on your head like jackhammers

You're trapped in the black drama, you hear the laughter

seconds after that you fade out, you're played out, you're laid out

Your heart nearly gave out, you're lucky that you made out

with just a few scars when the beating ends

The streets [sniff] let ya breathe again

But evil men, will soon be on the receiving end

of Universal Law, I'm callin on the meek and the poor

To fight back and never forfeit the day you have to go to war

With forces that are armed upon the seven continental borders

A mental fortress is essentials to absorb this

My sword hits the human orb until it orbits

In the art of war kids see Grym Reap be morbid

Since pieces of the lost civilization in the past

Had my photographs etched inside of pyramids

To laugh at this revelation, without 365 days of concentration

and twenty-four hour meditation, would be foolishly pagan

I'm ancient as 'amen', see I stay Grym

Throwin fools in in a pit full of pit bulls to be shaken

Or strapped to the crossroads of Hell and inner sin

Which trap the sinners in, to sell such in Sing-Sing

I bring Grym tidings, tidal-ed/titled your wave all not exciting

Stop riding the dick, start writing your own shit

Cause I stick figures that think they fat and can't rap wind blast

I make em Slim Fast, lookin like stick figures

I'm all that, I bag chips at concerts and shows

Get more panties than hoes that boost Victoria Secret clothes

Foes is tagged like ex-foes toes at the coroner's

Kids with cold feet rise and fall like the barometer

Grym will mentally chop your career

See shit is locked down here, like penitentiary blocks in tears

Escape outta your ducts every time you hear my name

you better duck fate, or catch a fuckin face full of duct tape

You get smacked like a trick that sniffed off her money

Then smoked like Rzarector with the blunts dipped in honey

Verse Two: Prince Rakeem/Rzarector

Rotate your head like a gyro, my hair grows in knotty spirals

Feet resembles Christ's description from the Bible

Water-walker, immune to all physical torture

Pull out fast in a Porsche, upon a double-crosser

My penis rise up in the morning like a Phoenix

And blast iron cells into a low blooded 'nemic

The imperial material's venerial

MC's get murdered in serial, you can't fuck with the material

Unorthodox paradox, my shit is seen wide-screen Magnavox

Grabs thought like Doctor Octopus

Cause war like the grandson of Kush

I'm hangin devil's heads on a evergreen bush

Sugar-frost sorceresses bitches get exhausted

Pussy lips be drippin like leaky faucets

Undercover C-Cyphers sprayed up like windshield wipers

While I'm guzzlin Piper's, changin my son's shitty-ass diapers

Dime piece trapped in sync like many time piece

You get stampeded by the wildabeast

A rap dast' plus tracks black like Chow Yun Fat

Oppositional forces get their eardrums flat

Common denominator, I swing the mic saber like Vader

He was fooled by the inter-pre-atation made from a traitor

MC's get their wigs blown, trounced off my fistbone

Choked from my death, every time they break a wishbone

Eventually I knew the whole world would mention me

Potentially I have the key to make G's

MC's breeze on my tracks, I rock the fruit with the trees

Killa bees spread rapid like diseases

See it's, like the second coming of Jesus, of Nazareth

be fabulous, raise the dead crowd up like Lazarus

Hazardous vocabulary attacks be beautiful

Acoustical notes we provoke, it comes out musically dope

Niggaz realize they just can't cope

The hair, bustin out the head resembles fire and smoke Loc

Verse Three: Frukwan/Gatekeeper

I blast watts in circuits like General Monk-Monk was Turkish

My science is divided deep into your central nervous

Pervert area codes peep this murder

I'm boxed-in, suckin hologram tits, inhalin oxygen

Parallel world of crab niggas and sea shells mix

I pierce my dick and saw right through you pelvics

I'm hell stricken bomb, wrapped in trees of palm

Physical existence is descendants of Allah

I travel at high rates, Weaker men are primates

That either migrate or get burnt to the stake

I feed off lyrical light beams of amphetimene

My terminology is panatomic like lobotomy

Crazy el loco, Gas niggas like Sinoco

Flush em like Presto, Blast in your chest bone

I raise from the shore, like Sodom and Gomorrah

Attraction Flashin a 4-wheel drive Ford Explorer

While mucus lies within the center of the Rubik's

The roots of the wine induced the enzymes that tried your nucleus

Turmoil boilin appointed, niggaz rubbin off my style like a ointment

Lost in the Sahara, From trial and error

Confused with 3 meals for Sister Sara

Rahh! Bearer, Digestin minerals in abundance

Because the dead is not known to return from the dungeons


Dangerous Mindz / Gravediggaz

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