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Blood Brothers

Intro: Prince Rakeem/Ryzarector

It is written [manifest]

That all men are brothers [prophecy]

We come like blood brothers [word is bond]

Cause blood is thicker than water [ain't alike]

From the misty grounds [from the unknown]

The shadows [the deep]

The darkness [the triple darkness]

Gravediggaz [my blood brother]


Verse One:

I grew up in the violent island of Shaolin

Fifty five home and cease thoughts implore

When jackpot rot was hot, I was not

A rusty-ass child with tears and snots

Acquired the knowledge, how to master my thoughts

My skinny frail body couldn't fuck with the sports

Six feet two still wack on the court

So I stalked New York with a black pitchfork

My style date back to ninety-watt

cuttin the box, while I be clocks with no socks

Remember the days before your pants would sag

Puerto Ricans on the block just throwin up tags

Verse Two: Fruitkwan/Gatekeeper

Yo I was born with a rusty spoon as a mouthpiece

Life was hard cause the graves was my company

Hang with my problems just as trouble predicted

to cross the path, as I laugh at the vic-ted

No warmth for sure, the vents would spit average

watchin devils, fiend like a savage

Blood brothers need me call, ooh-OOH!!!

In a minute, a minute, Ghostface and all, check it

With the Grym and the Undertake

Devil's get baked I'll stiff your ass like an eighth

Tortures and screams building up my steam

Death to whoever bumrushes through the bloodstream

Yo somethin ain't right I don't get it

I feel a vibe blood brothers are you with it

If I have to choose one or the other

Back the fuck up spook, yo that's my blood brother

Chorus: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper

All, all, all and together

Blood brothers, rollin together

Repeat 4X

Verse Two: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper

Back in the days of Lee's and BVD's

I grew up deceived, by wicked enemies

My lifespan began to dim in the error

When you can't even trust the man in the mirror

Now Gravedigga niggaz receive my trust

and like Christ, we walk among the thieves and the sluts

I bring stress like skins on PMS

The street's a bloody mess, there ain't no EMF

in sight my thoughts are to leave the slums

I hustle with beats and drums not keys and guns

My feet are numb, as I walk my dogs

I cut off the fogs with the Gravedigga swords

Life parole, as me and my man is violated

Hookers are neutered and spay-ted

Snakes are decapitated, and castrated

Niggaz is lost your whole Ark is bein raided

Shows today are hectic, niggaz'll wreck shit

Lift off rounds and jet quick

This piece is gettin heated

Cause a rush, a stampedin

Devils are all defeated by the blood brothers


Verse Three: Fruitkwan/Gatekeeper, Ryzarector

Yeahhh, as the earth erupts

I conduct to destruct your rucks when I big up

Catastrophes are blaspheme

Pour a container of brains on your grave through a strainer

I capsize your coffin, I wreck your morphin

Breakin devils down like Steve Austin

I gotta rip on a peel for a minute

Let's get some god degree, cause a blood brother's hard to be

Power equality

Allah sees equality, follow me

Law and order but I stick it in water

Many heads got slaughtered back in Latin Quarters

Like this brother named Rick was thick but got bit

by the same motherfucker that he ran with

Band of the hand the Clan's my fam

Something mom duke could never understand

From the grave to the gutter

Death to another, who tries to fuck with my blood brothers



Blood Brothers / Gravediggaz

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