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Legion Of The Lost

The gates of hell are open

The night of the wolf is broken

The signs of madness are shining

The sun of devil is rising

They're marchng through the night

They're searching for bread

They're infected with plague

They're infected with death

They know they have to die

And the end is a grave

They shout into the dark

It's a cry in the night

Marching for freedom, marching for life

Searching for love

But they don't wanna die

Don't walk to heaven, don't walk to hell

There's no escape for the legion

Of the lost, legion of the lost

Legion of the lost, legion of the lost

They're marching on and on

There's no place to hide

They're living in fear, oh god can't you see

Their eyes are full of tears, they've started to run

Now they reach the end, the end of the way

Marching for freedom marching for life...

The lifion of the lost

Grave Digger

Legion Of The Lost / Grave Digger

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