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 Grave Digger Grave DiggerГерманская хэви-метал/спид-метал группа


I'm the king of destruction, the master of chaos

Leading the fools to the gates of hades

I'm weaving shadows, deep in their mind

Stealing the light and leaving them blind

Leader of armies, destroying each other

I'm watching with joy as brother kills brother

Inventor of weapons, too mighty too strong

Taking mankind back to where they belong

Living in religion

I'm living in your greed

I'm growing every day anew

Your hate is all I need

Die! Die! Die! Die!


Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - meet me in the night

Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - you will die

Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - in the dark of light

Shadowmaker, shadowmaker - you will die

I'm the emptyness between two lovers

Feeding them poison, till they hate each other

I'm smiling as finally, under tears they part

And nourish myself, from their broken heart

I'm sowing bewilderment, between those who trust

I'm kicking your dearesst dreams in the dust

Where hatred rules, I will dwell

Call me devil, then you live right in hell

Living on the dark side

I'm living in your head

You're feeding me despair

And I shall drive you mad

I exist in you, in the shadows of your brain

I belong to you, and you know my name

Like a child you grew me, every day of your life

If you say you know me, it is a lie

I'm white and pale, because I live in the night

Of your happy days, of your lifeline so bright

I'm growing stronger, from the hate in your soul

I'm growing stronger, till I take control

I'm living on the dark side

I'm living in your head

And I shall drive you mad

Grave Digger

Shadowmaker / Grave Digger

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