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 Grave Digger Grave DiggerГерманская хэви-метал/спид-метал группа


[The story of Lancelot and Guinevere. Their love sealed the fate of the Round Table and plunged Britain into a crisis. Arthur's first and most shining knight died in the last bloody battle against Mordred (a version about Lancelot's fate)]

I like to taste the wine

I swore to save the King

Two jewels I am devolted to

When the darkness closes in

I kneel before you, Arthur

For you I risk my life

I am your protector

And I do crave your wife

My life for you

My heart is true

Alive I taste

Forbidden fruit

My tongue speaks words

Of feelings deep

Another tongue

Than blood and steel

For the land and for the steel

For the Queen my love is real

I'd die for Englands rose and pride

I'd die for you my guardian light

I would sneak in her chamber

When she longs for me

And I would give her all

A man has to give

I go mad without her

Don't close her away from me

I free her from the tower

And take her home with me

Grave Digger

Lancelot / Grave Digger

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