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 Grave Digger Grave DiggerГерманская хэви-метал/спид-метал группа

Morgane Le Fay

[The story of King Arthur's half-sister. She was a sorceress, and was privy to the secrets of Black Magic. It was because of her that Arthur found out about the relationship between Lancelot and Guinevere. She set Mordred against Arthur and played a key role in Arthur's life]

My ruby eyes can see

All secrets and stories never told

With shadows I dance

Sombre castle, Soul aglow

I have the power

I have the might

Morgane le Fay

When I felt my father death

The Dragon put my mother in disgrace

Down by the fireplace

Sowed seed of my evil ways

Don't mess with me

Do not cross my way

Or you may play a part

In my malicious game

I am the devil in disguise

I bring thr evil to your life

Listen, listen - listen what I say

My name is - Morgane le Fay

I spoil all happiness

I reveal unvarnished truth

Call me the Black Nun

I am invincible, I never lose

Grave Digger

Morgane Le Fay / Grave Digger

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