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Knight Of The Cross

[1] It is the end, of the eleventh century

The Christians rule

Europian countries

The Pope is the head of church

Representing God on earth

His words are the law

His mind is set on war

In the name of God they kill

In the name of God they rape

Blood leads to glory - for God's sake

Knights, knights of the cross

Murder, murder

Fight to defend Jerusalem

From the unholy devils

[2] Pope and priests cry out for holy war

God and Jesus they think to be fighting for

The Islam conquered Byzanz

Slaughter Christians everywhere

Knights of the Cross invade the East

Whrer the Islam dwells

[3] Knights in the name of

God, stab women and men

Burning, raping, eating human flesh

Satanic bloodlust in their eyes

The first crusade is won

The knights realize too late

Their ankles are covered with Christian blood

Grave Digger

Knight Of The Cross / Grave Digger

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