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Tristans Fate

[The story of the unhappy love of the Knight Tristan and the beautiful Isolde. Tristan was a young and violant knight full of charm and pride who loved music and games. He was supposed to ask for the hand of Isolde in the name of his uncle, King Marke. But love flamed up between them - though it was their tragic undoing]

Braveness, courage, fortitude

Guide Tristan on his way

Hunting, fighting, risking all

There's no way he could fail

When he plays harp the angels sing

Enchanted by its melody

Falcons made obedient

No anger and no jealousy

But what's all the virtue worth

When the highest wish's refused

When desire's never stilled

And your love remains taboo

Some heavenly moments with her

Did fade away too fast

Now is the time to sacrifice

And to erase the past

Magic potion

Crystal clear

It's too late

Open lips and

Open heart

Tristan's fate

No escape, your fate is sealed

Your longing will never cease

Dream away and she'll be yours

Dream and put your mind at ease

Give her to another man

Your common roads do part

Destiny separated you

But forever melted your hearts

Grave Digger

Tristans Fate / Grave Digger

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