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 Grave Digger Grave DiggerГерманская хэви-метал/спид-метал группа

The Grave Dancer

I see the people, living just a lie

Searching for freedom, untill they die

They live as cowards, they die as fools

But after death is gone, I come to rule

I haunt the ruins of your wretched mind

You can't your tumbling blind


Fools - I will lead you down

Losers - Your eyes will stud my crown

Bastards - I rule you life

I dance on your grave

I dance on your grave

I am the ruler, of the endless night

I am a mighty power, that you just can't fight

I hold the k ey to your destiny

Do what you want, you'll never be free

Running in circles, no way out of this maze

Fog in your brains, get lost in the haze

I am the little man, inside your head

you think good, but I'll make it bad

I am the reaper of your destiny

The reaper is you and the reaper is me

Grave Digger

The Grave Dancer / Grave Digger

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