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 Grave Digger Grave DiggerГерманская хэви-метал/спид-метал группа

Mordreds Song

The story of Arthur's avaricious nephew, who lusted after Arthur's kingdom, and then ensnared and flattered him. Arthur trusted Mordred, and was fair to him and allowed him to do as he wished. But Mordred abused his power and provoked Arthur into going to war.

Bound to ride to Camelot

Heading for the throne

Pretending integrity

Too late one will know

Day by day at Arthur side

Playing his role

Day by day at Arthur side

Closer to his goal

Warrior with royal blood

Longing for the reign

Descended from a witches breed

Witchcraft in his veins

Leader of the underworld

Ruler of the night

Deceiver of kings

Deceiver of knights

Keeper of the secret reich

Keeper of the light

I am mordred king of the night

The nephew is a viper

No one realizes

His tongue spares the truth

His eyes hypnotize

He injects the poison slowly

Starts to mesmerize

Gathering the troops around him

All are magnetized

Grave Digger

Mordreds Song / Grave Digger

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