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Here I am, on the lam ready to go

Brighter days have hurried me along, nobody's wrong

Love stays the same a heart's not to blame nothing is over

Now it don't worry me at all there's just got to be

Some kind of overflow nobody falls

People, we cry, when wells go dry it threatens tomorrow

Try and find some ways to ease the fright burn into the night

But maybe a little rain would soothe the pain and drown our sorrows

And looking straight at all that lives again

Until we get our fill of overflows, nobody knows

In search of love, the seasons above have taken to wander

Unlike the ones we used to know, where did they go?

Well, here I am, on the lam, low overflow

Brighter days have hurried me along

To see the rain come shinning through, nobody's blue

Oh seagull, tis an hour of plight

Energy from your wing helps bring the rain

Call on your brotherhood of flight and let it rain all nights

Oh sky lookin clear and bright, Moon, with your own true light

Turn the tides and rain all night, Turn the tides and rain all night

Grateful Dead

Rain / Grateful Dead

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