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Let Me In 83968

A little boy knocked at the warden's door at Sing Sing

Said in tears, "Yes sir, I understand that 83968 lives here."

He's my daddy, sir, and I just got to be near him

And if you can't let him out then you just got to let me in

Let me in, let me in, 83968's my dad

I watched the burial of my mama

Now he's all in the world that I have

But I can break your little rocks with a hammer in my hand

I just got to be near daddy, Mr. Warden please let me in

When I checked through California happy trails out on the rock

From Folsom on to Jacksonville, no one had my heart

When I found the newspaper clipping in my mama's souvenirs

And now I'm here in Sing Sing 83968

Grateful Dead

Let Me In 83968 / Grateful Dead

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