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Reel to Reel

Grand Puba Maxwell]

Here's that shit yaknahmsayin?

As we bounce it like this

For those who don't like it..

UHH! Hey uh yeah yeah


Yeah yeah yeah yeah HEY!

Yeah yeah yeah HEY!

It's just that shit (just that shit)

That same ol' shit (that same ol' shit)

Yeah yeah it's time to hit the wreck

What you expect check out how we connect

Well it's the reel to reel (it's the reel)

Well it's the reel to reel (well it's the reel)

It's the reel to reel (it's the reel)

Well it's the reel to reel (it's the reel)

It's time to shake that shit because you know this one's the answer

Hon's cut off, cause I smoke boom, my sign is cancer

Time to clear the pack cause here comes Mr. Jolly RANCHER

Who's gonna flip that shit? You know the ANSWER

Jump into my briefs, because the boxers my jewels jingle

I got a girl, but you can play me like I'm single

Don't worry hon, my pops showed me where it tingle

It's time to catch on, to this Grand Puba lingo

No fuss, don't worry, Toys Ain't Us

Some call me horny so just call me Mr. Lust

Dope shit we got it so it's time to get retarded

So play like Handiman and LAH GUU GUU GOT IT!

No fakes see we got it what it takes

We stay far away from snakes, sippin on the chitlin shakes

You know the deal, on how we really feel

C'mon hon, this shit is real

Cause it's the reel to reel (it's the reel)

Well it's the reel to reel (it's the reel) Stud Doogie

Aiyyo it's the reel to reel (it's the reel) Alamo

Well it's the reel to reel (it's the reel)

Now back at it is a dope rhyme addict

Niggaz try to copy but man your shit has had it

So just let me do my thang, for all my people, hey hey hey!

It doesn't matter the demo, just to keep it simple

take the A-Train to the show so you can cancel the limo

Stud Doogie, Alamo is on the top top (top top)

And if ain't a zigga zigga then it ain't hip-hop (hip-hop)

I like when girls shake they booty to the rhymes that I send em

Some look good, so pardon if I bend em

Used to live in the Rule, smoke a mic like Kools

Niggaz that I used to swing with is smokin wools

Damn they won't drop it, I strive to make them stop it

That shit's depressin so let me change the topic

Honey how's it feel when the real shit hits ya?

(Hey yo Puba that shit is real!) Chill I get witcha

Here's my number, just gimme a call

* phone dialed and rings *

* "The number you have reached, has been temporarily, disconnected" *

Oh shit! Bust how I played her out

Yeah fuck it so I go and get a GUINNESS STOUT

Just waitin for the next young girl TO SPROUT

Aw man, mommy better not LET HER OUT

Grand Puba, Stud Doogie, Alamo to hit the RIGHT spot

Back up diddy claat!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, here's the resume for the day

Check the 4-1-1 hon

Now check it yo, before we bounce on off

like we gon' end it like this, on that realism

Yaknahmsayin? The flavortism, check it yo

Do them one

Now big up to my people in 60 (60)

Big up to my people in 70 (70)

Big up to my people in 81 (81)

Big up to my people in 51 (51)

Big up to my people in 80

This is how we move on, so don't act shady

Grand Puba, Stud Doogie and Alamo

Catch on yo, cause this is how it go

Yeah yeah, ha hah!

You know the flavor! Right up on out of here yaknahmsayin?

The big kids in the house, Toys Ain't Us

Word is bond, this is that high tech shit knahmsayin?

(This ain't no Playland shit)

Nah Great Adventures (or Ashley Park)

All of that shit, Kingdom of Whatever

I don't give a fuck where you're at

This is where you got to be, youknowhatI'msayin?

Stud Doogie how we bounce on, yaknahmsayin?

Yeah yeah

Coney Island, word up

That's good

Reel to Reel /

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