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Fat Rat

Chorus: repeat 2X

"Over like a fat RAAAT"

"You can't deny it" "so never stop"

"Rising to the top!"

Verse One:

Here I go with the new style such a versatile child

Hons crack a smile as the dancers hit the tile

General like Custer spread skins like mustard

Brothers try to copy but they shit sound busted

or should I say chopped brothers need to stop

Once Puba shits you know the joint is grit

More followers than Jehovah, call me Casanova

Used to drive a Nova, but now I push a Rover

Pumpin nuff hits, scoopin mad chicks

A golden brown complexion and you won't find a zit

I take a sip of my brew, before the night is through

Honies askin Pu', "Can you woo woo woo?"

Yes I got the skills that'll always pay the bills

"My, my, my," like Johnny Gill

Quick to knock the block baby all around the clock

Ticky-ticky-tock, ticky-ticky-tock

So don't try to play the Puba (cause ain't nothin happenin)

Don't even waste your time (cause ain't nothin happenin)

Step left with that garbage (cause ain't nothin happenin)

You know why black? (Why is that?) Bust it, cause I get


Verse Two:

Follow me now see

Ooh la la la, me say take to dis guy on de natural high

Ooh la la la, me say come follow me, come come now

Ooh la la la, me say take it to dis guy on de natural high

Ooh la la la, me say come follow me, bust it

I caught wreck in a sec with a girl that I met

at this discotheque, now let me recollect

Mmm, the night was lovely, oh so lovely

She still thinks of me

Now I keep my hair peasy, mo' fine and greasy

Never hit the skins if the skins look sleazy

Sweetheart, here goes a hint, you better take a mint

cause I can smell the scent

Now if I smoked a bag of sess, I still wouldn't mess

with a girl in a tight dress, cause a tight dress

just won't impress, but you can try your best

and it still won't matter

Game for a quickie, I can make a sticky

Hold on the hickie, cause next week it's Vicky

Rhyme style fat, the God'll break a back

of a new jack, or old jack, who wants to sweat the sac

Time for the papes so you better drink some coffee

Hon thinks she knows me, but bitch back up off me

Puba, you know my word is bond, peace to the Gods

and I got to move on, cause you know I get


Verse Three:

Bust it I'ma drop one more before I travel like sound

Brothers say Puba, I'm happy that you makin it

Then turn around and tell a female some other shit

Sincere, you bear my witness (True indeed)

A nobody in somebody's business

Mind your own neck, and go collect your Mickey D's check

But when you see me give me nuff respect

Sincere Allah how do you think I should take it?

(Let's slide them niggaz down Lincoln butt naked) Bust it!

I'm not the Captain or the Skipper, got it good behind the zipper

Now if honey wants to flip you know the God'll have to flip her

I won't smack it but I'll flip it and I'll rub it down

Catch a movie and a dinner and then I'm back uptown

I rock beats on the daily really when I'm in the mood

Attitude never screwed, I only eat the righteous food so

cut on the amp and I can show you who's the champ

The man who leaves with all the scamps cause I gets over

Chorus to fade

Fat Rat /

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