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As I Flow On

(It's time for the U to flow again)

(On and on and on and on) --> Grand Puba

As I flow on, I get a mellow mood set

And you ain't heard a MC this smooth yet

So act like you know

Lay back, pump the track and watch the mack flow

And yo, I always give you something dope to swing to

Lyrics I bring you, sing to and cling to

So pass the mic, let the U flow steadily

That means a ( ? ) combined with a melody

My vocal tone is smooth, just like Barry White

I don't bite, but Tom, Dick or Harry might

They always usin wack tracks and strange lines

Fiendin to find a smooth way I arrange mines

But it's all in your brain

So I maintain while I left the remains unexplained

You thought the U fell off, hey yo, brother, you're wrong

Sit back and take notes as I flow on

Let the U flow on

(Flow on, flow on)

Yo, check the flow, you gots to know there's none smoother

The real mack is back with a dope stack manoeuvre

What I provide's bonafide, sheer artistry

Now who can take r

As I Flow On /

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