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I Kick Ass


Introducin Daddy U and Steady Flow

Lights cameras action let's go

Nude and fat girls attack the tall mack

The chumps who lack fall back cause they all wack

So while they play the rear girlies stay to hear

Me and Kay make you say: hooray and cheer

Rockin steady straight and continuous

Cool and casual nothin too stringuous

Cause I like to flow smooth keepin a slow groove

And I don't give a fuck if you don't move

Cause either way I still get mine

Combine and design dope lines of all kind

My competition stands stiff as a tree trunk

The dope I got is much rawer than P-Funk

Cause artificial stimulation don't last

But I maintain and remain to kick ass

I got somethin to say that you shouldn't miss

You get with this? (Oh, my goodness!)

Stay out the kitchen, the heat is too hot

And cookin the pot is the I dot U dot

And I.U. is the name they call me

The six foot tall grand daddy of em all, gee

I'm comin atcha like a wild rhinoceros

Take my crown? That shit sound preposterous

Cause all those attemptin to do such

Get caught in a clutch cause the U's just too much

It only take one look and you're under my spell

Then you fell, what the hell, now you wonder why

You can't match the things I accomplish

You ever try to step to this, you get stomped, bitch

Those who flam I slam, and goddamn

When I step in a jam you all scram

Cause I get nitro, hot as a micro-

Wave and behave buckwild like a psycho

As I laugh and do as I prefer to do

Don't even crack a smile while I murder you

You fuckin chump

Hey yo Kay, let the system pump

I kick ass

(I'ma give ya action)

(I'ma kick yo ass)


Never in life have you heard such poetry

Cause ain't no man alive who can flow with me

All opponents get dust off quick fast

And you can kiss me, Kay Cee and Easy Rick ass

Smoother than this can no three men flow

For those who didn't know I provide info

For you and yours and his and hers

So yo, here's the scoop on what the group does

I kick ass cause the U is the violent kind

And get sporty with a forty of Ballantine

While my man Easy Rick picks a skeezy chick

Bust off and break north with a greasy dick

And deejay Kay Cee cuts superb

Six lick tricks on a mix and you're to the curb

Competition gets worse and worse, you curse

Rehearse, but still ain't get prop the first

Fuckin with me's more deadly than cyanide

And those who collide all die, so you try and hide

But in a bout you're gettin rendered senseless

Defenseless now it's time to commence this

I write rhymes that keep the crowd cheerin

Say type shit you never thought about hearin

Not just the same old same with a slight change

I elevate to an untouchable height range

Beyond the stars Mars, Venus and Jupiter

No way, no how, no man can get stupider

So cut the crap and save all the foolishness

There'll never be an MC as cool as this

So play the back, boy, fuck the bullshit

Try to get flip, I guarantee that you'll get

Your ass kicked, stretch ya just like elastic

Broke like plastic, you stupid bastard

You shoulda known not to fuck with I.U.

Now I bet you're petro and try to

Cause I make the mic bust off like a Mac-10

And keep the whole auditorium packed in

Front to back from the stage to the hallway

Kay'll blaze on the fade like always

Rippin the slice and dice, cuts are twice as nice

While I add spice to the mic device

My rap style's the best in the biz

Word to miz, think it ain't what it is?

Cause rhyme after rhyme each verse flows loosely

Hittin like a brick and kickin like Bruce Lee

What I invent keep the crowd content

I chew MC's like a stick of bubble mint

Knock em out the box and totally annihilate

One thing I hate is cheepskates who violate

Smile in my face, give me a pound or a handshake

Then behind my back you flip like a pancake

But all of that is envy and jealousy

A better MC than me you'll never be

You bum, you get nothin, son, not a mere crumb

Now I'ma smack the wax off your eardrum

Back off the set, pack your bags and flee

Nah fuck it - call the police

If that don't work, then got a order of protection

But still I roll in your direction

I blast, harrass and surpass quick fast

Any MC who fuck with me, yo gee, I kick ass

(I'ma give ya action)

(I'ma kick yo ass)


The Grand Daddy U is definitely on the map, homes

You know what I'm sayin

My man Easy Rick and DJ Kay Cee

Straight out Hempsted, Long Island, homes

Know what I'm sayin

Fuck all the bullshit

(I'ma kick yo ass

I Kick Ass /

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