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Lamb Of God Slain Will Be

Licentious damsels ingesting semen juice

The prince of life by these lustful means

Was righteously conceived,his birth drew nigh

The throne of his father he hath inherited

Only for the tetrach to taketh away

The hopeof diseased folk who followed

Fourteen generations of venal dishonesty

Ceased not teach in his given name

Lamb of God slain will be...

Lamb of God slain will be...

Beneath the wise star suffered the accused

Myrrh and vinegar sprinkled on his hippie lips

A reversed consecration for the antagonist

Thy faith hath made thee copulate in heaven

The enigmas of his birth

Told by traveling shepherds

In the distance murmurs are heard

They announce the flood of pus

Bitches cometh to anoint the bruised residue

Exequies outlawed by the pagan centurions

Gastric lacerations silenced the clamor

God could not rebuke the contaminated spirits

The priest is driven to confession

He admits to an act of bestiality

With the corpse of the black ram

Without honor he stabs himself

He bled the blackest blood

For he was already deceased

Lamb Of God Slain Will Be /

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