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Wrapping Paper - Graham Parker

Intro E Emaj7 Amaj7 B E

E 022100 Emaj7 021100 Amaj7 002120

Asus2 002200 B 004440

E Emaj7 Amaj7 Asus2

I've broken your glass, called someone a dirty name

E Asus2 B

Made a nuisance of myself in front of friends

E Emaj7 Amaj7 Asus2

I've dug my own grave, please don't let me lie in it


Instead let's bury everything that caused us pain


E Emaj7 A Asus2

Speak to me now, speak to me darling

E Emaj7 A Asus2

You're not a princess I'm not Prince Charming

E Emaj7 A Asus2

Speak with your tongue, use body language

E Asus2 B E

and pull your skin like wrapping paper round my heart

Sometimes I feel the kick has gone, it gets mundane

So I team up with the devil and make hell

But I'll hang on in as long as I know I've got you

As long as I know love's a cure that makes me well

(CHORUS, Instrumental verse)

We move around, drag ourselves from town to town

Wrap up lots of gifts and toys and China tea

But they don't feel nothin', they're just inanimate

They just go in suitcases and fly away

CHORUS (last line x3), Repeat Intro

Wrapping Paper - Graham Parker /

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